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To receive the FIT's & RHI payments, all installation must be installed by a accredited MCS installer    

        MCS NAP12438

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Is your roof working for you ?

Why not Earn and Save money at the same time.

Receive FIT's payments and approx. 50% of your electric free.


or call: 0800 33 45 893

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See what says on PV solar
What are the benefits of having PV solar installed !
  1. Photovoltaic panels supply (approx. 50%)free energy to you home or business
  2. Save money on your energy bills
  3. Earn a income by generating you own electricity and receive money from the government FIT's Scheme
  4. Sell what you don't use back to the grid
  5. TAX Free Index linked For 20 years.
  6. Don't be a hostage to supplier
  7.  Reduce your Co2 Emissions
  8. All equipment installed By us comes with a manufacturer guarantee
  9. We are MCS registered and green deal accredited installer
    All our PV quotations are free                                         Read more              To receive the Feed in tariff  the  PV Solar system has to be  installed by a MCS registered installer, and all products used be on the MCS manufactures list
  10. For your free PV quotation:      Call 0800 33 45 893.

    What is Air Source Heat Pump

    1. Say goodbye to those surprise energy bills
    2. Air source Heat pumps provide a highly efficient heat and hot water for domestic homes
    3. An intelligent regulated controlled heated home
    4. A more confortable lifestyle of heating, when compared to conventional fossil fuels oil,gas.electric.
    5. Air to water heat pumps use the low grade free heat from the air outside
    6. In most cases your existing radiators can be used
    7. The pumps work all the year around even if outside temperatures are below freezing
    8. R.H.I. payments ( a government incentive scheme to encourage domestic users to help cut Co2 emissions (they are paid for 7 years) and in the main they cover the cost of your system.
    9. To receive R.H.I. Payments your system must be installed by a MCS accredited installer and all components used be on the MCS manufactures registered list Read more